Do you want to leave a legacy? That is, something for people to remember you by. Or maybe they don’t remember you specifically, but something you did or created or encouraged in others?  

Recently I was having a conversation about NLP helping someone to leave a legacy and was asked quite incredulously “how can NLP help me leave a legacy? Like I do a process and people remember me?” Well, no.  

NLP will help you to leave a legacy because NLP is more than just a set of tools. It is an attitude.  

Richard Bandler, one of the founders of NLP often said that NLP is an attitude of curiosity and a methodology which leaves a trail of techniques. This attitude of curiosity is an interesting one. Most exceptional NLPers now have this attitude of curiosity about themselves, their life, growth, and personal transformation.  

With NLP, you do not have a magic key to success – you have many keys to unlocking the potential within yourself and others. You will be able to better understand yourself so that you can live as authentically and as congruently as possible. People remember that!  

You will learn how to identify your motivational triggers to use them more, how to create anchors to get yourself into peak states of performance (or disconnection if you desire downtime), how to identify and change behaviors, beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, and concepts, how to align your intentions and behaviors, how to understand and use the unconscious patterns of others, how to use your mindset to set and achieve goals – and ultimately how to get the most out of your life experience.  

If you can live your best life, be an exemplar for doing so and let other people see your light shine, you will leave a legacy. In fact, you’ll leave a living legacy throughout your life too.