Managing and leading others is sometimes a challenging task, especially if you have a team of people who are quite different to one another. Effective management skills start with a better understanding of the people on your team, and by that, we mean understanding their beliefs, what is important to them, what motivates them, what pushes their buttons and slows them down – and how to manage that person in the way they need to be directed.

Management is an individual game – each person generally needs to be lead in a slightly different way because of his or her model of the world. The ultimate respect you can give to someone is when you realise you need to get the same outcome for the whole team, but lead people differently to arrive at the same destination.

Unfortunately, the business world doesn’t do a good job of training people to be managers. People get promoted because they were good at their previous job, or they start their own company, or create their own team – and boom! They are a manager. The skills of NLP will help you to fast-track your interpersonal communication skills, coaching abilities and leadership qualities!