Until around the 1960’s stress was a word that was primarily used for structural engineering. They would test the amount of stress a building, bridge, or road could withstand before it became distressed. Now, stress is a term we use regularly and a physical condition most of us understand all too well.  

Luckily, with the use of NLP, you will be able to identify the triggers that create stress in your life and techniques to alleviate the stress if you desire. In the workplace, this is a great skill to have. Internal and external influences create stress-type states which generally we react negatively to.  

High blood pressure, headaches, body aches, ulcers and more have been known to be caused by stress. From an NLP perspective you will come to clearly understand two things: 1) every behaviour has a positive intention and 2) you are in charge of your mind and therefore your results.  

You will learn how to identify what creates stress and what the mind/body connection is attempting to communicate to you through the stress mechanism. Using NLP tools to help yourself manage stress will help you to be more clear-minded, flexible, calm and in control.