What is something that you do well? It may be something simple or intricate – how you connect with people, organize a party, talk to people you don’t know, make a meal… anything! From NLP we know this – you do something well because you have beliefs and unconscious programs that uphold and create this success. AND – if you do something well in one area of your life, using NLP you can unpack the beliefs, programs, and strategies to map across to another area of life.  

Fantastically, NLP contains many tools to help you to unpack your unconscious patterns and model this success. Most often, modeling is thought of as a tool to ‘model others’ – however, we have found that one of the first places to start when it comes to modeling success is within you.  

You might find that you want to improve your ability to connect to new clients at work – and you may have the simple ability to connect with friends. You already have the psychology to meet and connect with people easily, you can unpack that and create the same psychology at work. Or, you might want to create a more organized style in your work or home life – and you find that you can organize a party or events easily. Again, we can unpack this pattern and install it within a different context.  

There is a great NLP Presupposition that helps to understand this concept: if you can spot it, you’ve got it. The first step is identifying what area of your life contains a behavior, attitude, or mindset you want to use in a different area of life – then, the NLP fun begins!