Is there something holding you back from doing something or being someone you want to be? The patterns of emotions, behaviours, beliefs and thoughts that seem to run us and create some of the blocks and limitations that we hold on to are created and generated by the unconscious mind.

As coaches, if someone comes to us and says “can you help me remove a block of X?” – our question is “do you know what you want instead or what you’ll be able to do without X?” – and if they have a positive answer, that is – they know what they want instead or they know what life will be without the block or limitation then our answer is yes.

One of the key factors in overcoming any block or limit in our life is to have an imagination vivid enough to imagine life without it. This becomes your Desired State – what we are working toward. With this in mind, a goal to achieve then you can start to apply some specific NLP skills that will help to access clear the root cause, anchors, change unconscious processes, create new beliefs, new patterns and ultimately not just overcome, but remove blocks and limitations that may have held you back in the past.