Who is a Coach to your children? When asked this, many parents name teachers or sporting coaches or tutors. And, while these answers technically are correct, they are missing out on their child’s primary Coach.


If you are a parent, you are a Coach. If you have more than one child, you have to be a different kind of Coach to each of your children to meet their individual needs, style, and objectives.

As a parent, you are motivating, inspiring, encouraging, teaching, supporting, and challenging your children every single day. As a parent who is familiar with NLP, you will have a toolbox of skills and techniques that will help you not only to help them, but to help yourself, too.

From NLP, you will learn how to tap into your child’s learning and communication style; this will help you to speak with and teach your children, from a very early age, in the way that they will adapt to the easiest. We each have our own preferences, and when you can identify the learning and communication style for your child, they will be more successful and you will be able to communicate much more easily.

You will also learn skills to build rapport and group cohesion. Just because you live in the same house doesn’t mean you have rapport, especially as your children grow into adolescents! Having rapport as a way of beginning any communication, verbal or non-verbal, will help you to open and maintain a strong, loving and supportive connection with your children.

Deliberate questioning skills are taught in NLP so you can gently ask questions and get answers other than, “I don’t know” or “nothing,” as many kids are prone to give.  Our minds are automatically distorting, deleting, and generalising information to make it fit into our schema of the world. The questions from NLP will allow you to uncover what has been distorted, deleted, and generalised, helping your child to widen their scope of understanding, assisting them to make decisions, encouraging them to think outside the square, and to challenge any un-resourceful thoughts of their own.

Plus, NLP is full of tools and techniques to help foster confidence, strength, personal power, and so many more wonderful resources. You will be learning how to motivate and encourage your children based on their unconscious filters, known as Meta-Programs. Throughout all of this, they learn how to be self-responsive, responsible, resourceful, and resilient to anything life brings to them.

We have found over the years that our students who incorporate NLP into their parenting have stronger and more capable children than they had before. After all, as a parent, you are not just a role model; you are also a life coach.