The human body is truly remarkable. Without thinking, alarms, timers or reminders our unconscious mind is working behind the scenes to keep our body fresh. In fact, did you know that your body is continually regenerating itself? It is. The outer layer of your skin replaces itself every 35 days (and you thought it was just dust hanging around your house!). Your body produces a new liver every six weeks. Your stomach lining is replaced every four days, and stomach cells that come into contact with food are replaced every five minutes. Every three months your skeleton structure is regenerated, and your entire brain is replaced every two months. And, every five to seven years – every atom is replaced. The only thing that remains is your neurology – but the pathways your neurons fire on, they are replaced too. 

All of this happens without your conscious involvement, throughout the day and as you sleep at night. 

So, if all of this happens without your conscious involvement – what could you imagine might occur if you were involved in some of your health and healing? 

Say for example, if you badly burned your hand. Do you think you could use your mind to speed up the healing process? We do. 

With NLP, you have the ability to affect all aspects of your life; increasing the speed of healing included.  Through a variety of visualisation type of techniques, you will learn how to alter your chemical production, healing centres and health promotion within your body. Your body will continue to regenerate itself in the same way it always does, but with the ability to kick start some key neurotransmitters, you can promote health and healing more quickly and efficiently than just leaving your body to do it on auto-pilot.

Additionally, you can use NLP to supercharge your healing by adding additional resources into your awareness and system. For example, if a person is deficient in calcium their bones and skeleton may rejuvenate weaker each time. Using the mind as a springboard, you will learn to increase the self-production of the resources needed to create strong bones. Of course, an increase in dietary calcium wouldn’t hurt! But, with NLP you can speed up the application and regrowth of strong healthy bones.

The more neuroscience is getting to understand the mind/body connection it is becoming clearer and clearer how much control we truly do have over our own body and health. Something that NLP has known for decades.