We all want to be successful. I haven’t met anyone yet that says ‘nah, I’ll just take averagely unsuccessful”. Success feels good. It’s desirable! At the end of the day, success is defined however YOU want it to be, for you. And, although we all want to be successful, why isn’t everyone successful?

Largely, it comes down to the programming and mindset that a person has. If you have self-belief and confidence in yourself and your abilities, there is a good chance that you’ll be more successful. If you have self-doubt and lack confidence, there is a good chance that you’ll be less successful.

So what is it really that stands between more and less success? You.

Each of us has our own model of the world which is made up of our history, memories, beliefs, values and a whole host of unconscious filters, known as Meta Programs in NLP. It is the combination of all of these aspects that creates our basis of personality, drive, motivation, self-concept, and, at the end of the day – our success.

With NLP, you will be able to identify any barriers or blocks to your success; and you will learn strategies to change these. For example, some people block their success in some aspects of life by comparing and judging themselves with others. Some other people have patterns of perfectionism or procrastination or all-or-nothing thinking that gets in the way of success. And some people have a fear of failure (or fear of success) that holds them back. There could be thousands of different patterns, ways of thinking, beliefs and filters that may be blocking success; NLP will help you to remove these blocks and truly be able to aim for and reach the success you desire in your life.