Often patterns of depression or worthlessness include feelings of being helpless and hopeless; definitely not useful, resourceful or particularly nice feelings to have.  A great thing we know from NLP – you haven’t always felt this way.

When we meet a person who is feeling helpless or hopeless, not only do we want to know if there are any internal or external factors that have created these feelings so we can alleviate or remove these factors; we also want to know when have you felt good?

Your unconscious mind stores the blueprints of the perfect you in body, mind and spirit. It also is the storehouse for every single memory that you have ever, ever, ever had – and with those memories go emotions that create a cellular connection to chemicals, hormones and positive reactions. Therefore, using NLP you can tap back into and restore neurological connections of your desired state – if that is happiness, freedom, peace or simply feeling at ease.

Feelings like hopelessness and helplessness are not ones that you have to live with. NLP will help you to reconnect with more resourceful and positive emotions and also will help you to clear, change and reassess any past experiences that have created these feelings to surface in the first place.