You’ve heard it before and we’ll say it again – the mind and body are connected, therefore affect each other.

And the body can be a fickle thing! It runs on a program of health and can be swayed easily by beliefs, input (diet) and output (exercise). NLP can assist greatly with the belief parts of health. In fact, one belief we often work with is “as I get older my metabolism slows down”. Do you have this belief? If so, according to whom?

If its not a universal truth (the sun will come up tomorrow, there are fish in the ocean, etc.), then it isn’t a belief that exists for everyone. Do you know of anyone who is still fit, healthy and can eat whatever they want without a thought to their metabolism? What if metabolism were less of an age thing and more of a mind thing? Would you choose to do something about it?

Luckily, NLP has a few tools that will help for this! Namely, a process called Communicating with Symptoms, Unconscious Pattern Change and also Neuro Repair Change are all tools that you will learn with NLP that can help you to reset your metabolism – creating more energy, vibrancy and a smaller waistline for you all at the same time.