If we could boil down the communication benefits of learning and using NLP, it would simply be to respect another person’s model of the world.

As you already know by now, each of us has our own model based on our memories, history, values, beliefs, senses and filters – and all of this gives us our different viewpoints, perspectives, responses and ideas. Wouldn’t the world be a little boring if we all looked at the world in the same way? Maybe that would be good sometimes, but when it comes to advancement, growth and longevity of our race, we need differences.

When you can respect someone elses model of the world, this means just that – respect it. Respect the sameness and respect the difference. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with it, live by it, or even understand it! Just respect it.

In real life, this means being more tolerant, patient, accepting and kind when someone thinks, acts, believes or behaves in a way we personally wouldn’t. We have seen relationships flourish, careers evolve, sales increase, fights stop and love begin after someone learns NLP and really begins to embrace the aspect of respecting someone elses model of the world.