Have you ever experienced a feeling like there was a battle going on in your life? Perhaps its like you are being pulled in different directions? Or you heart says one thing but your brain says another? Maybe you really want to follow your dreams, but something stops you? 

In NLP, we call these internal battles parts. Simply put, different parts of ourselves in conflict with each other.

Various studies of the mind have found that when we have one direction and one focus, as humans we actually function more effectively. We tend to be happier, more motivated, more productive and more aligned with our goals and our selves.

Great news! NLP has quite a few techniques that you will learn which focus on creating wholeness. Parts Integration is one such classic technique that will help you to identify the incongruent parts and help them to find common ground in working together, even unifying for your wholeness. Six Step Reframe will help you to negotiate between the parts to settle conflict. Neurological Levels Alignment will assist you to align your environment, behaviours, capabilities, beliefs and values, identity, and greater whole for more wholeness. Multiple Brain Alignment will allow your head, heart and gut brains to function in alignment with each other.

When you can bring more wholeness into your life and into your awareness, it is easier to make decisions, find your state of flow, increase your happiness and your overall wellbeing. What parts do you have that are out of alignment?