You are an entrepreneur, a leader, a coach, a driver, a dreamer, a doer, a success, a star!

Or, at least you want to be.

Network Marketing companies are an extremely amazing way to blaze a trail for long term financial and personal success for yourself and your family. There is no doubt in my mind, that in the right hands, with the right mindset, anyone can make a success of their own company!

And so many people try.

And so many people fail.

What makes some people successful at Network Marketing, and others not?

We know the answers. Not because we work in the MLM space, but because we train and coach so many successful entrepreneurs in their own businesses. We know and understand the X Factor of the Network Marketing business!

The key to your success isn’t the products or services you offer, its not the support you get from your up line, its not how big your downline can be – the key to your success is your mindset.

In fact, there are two aspects to your mindset when it comes to building a successful team:

  1. Your personal beliefs, thoughts, behaviours and balance.
  2. Your communication, coaching and transformative skills with others.

We have met so many people who have a personal psychology that isn’t yet aligned with success. Maybe there is self-doubt, lack of confidence, a belief that success equals hard work, or maybe simply reluctance to approach others about your business. First and foremost, you need to get your personal psychology set for success.

THEN, you have a team to work with. The second factor of your ultimate success is understanding others – how to communicate effectively with them, sell your vision, motivate them, encourage them – even get them on your team in the first place.

Let me introduce you to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP for short)! NLP is the study of excellence, built on modelling the excellence of people at an unconscious level. That is, NLP will help you to understand how the language of your mind has created the patterns and programs you run in life. When you know this, you can transform your personal behaviours, beliefs, attitudes, views and ideas into successful patterns aligned with your goals. Additionally, you’ll gain personal tools to increase your motivation, align your goals with your unconscious mind, clear blocks and interferences and ultimately create your success in all aspects of life!

You can also learn how other people’s patterns have been created and you can communicate, motivate, lead and manage them according to their personal psychology. You can even help others to transform their limiting beliefs, unresourceful behaviours and bad habits into their own positive personal psychology for success.

We have worked with top performers within so many different MLM organisations including Amway, Herbalife, doTERRA, Isagenix, Young Living, Jamberry, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Le-vel, Nu Skin and many more!

Bringing a toolbox filled with NLP skills into the Network Marketing space is a game changer!

Learning, embracing and benefitting from NLP is easy. Here at NLP Worldwide, we run an 8 day NLP Practitioner Certification Course which is the recommended course for everyone involved in Network Marketing.  During these 8 days, you will attain skills to improve your personal and interpersonal communication skills, enhance your sales abilities, develop tools to lead more effectively and personally you will transform beliefs, behaviours, habits and your personal psychology.

After the course, many of our students have implemented a Coaching program into their business to more effectively assist their down line to also align their personal psychology – therefore, bringing the skills and tools of NLP into a 360 degree focus with their goals and aspirations for their personal and professional success.

To learn even more about NLP, we invite you to watch two of our pre-recorded webinars to find out more about what NLP is and how you will personally benefit from learning NLP

  • Introducing NLP
  • NLP for You
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We also invite you to have a chat with one of our Principal NLP Trainers, Dr. Heidi Heron – who has coached hundreds of Network Marketers to success! Send her through an email and start the conversation –