We have met people around the world who have conscious desires to create wealth, live with an abundance of money, and know that although money doesn’t buy them happiness, it can buy them nice stuff! However, so many people also have conflicting or colluding beliefs that do not align with their financial success.  

Have you ever heard things like this “rich people are greedy”, “money is the root of all evil”, “good people live with little”, “money causes problems”, ego drives money”, “being rich is a sin”, “I don’t deserve to be financially free”.  
A very interesting thing about the power of our beliefs – your beliefs are your truths in life and as long as you have a belief that is disempowering your desires, you will continue to be disempowered.  

Many years ago I worked with a client who truly desired financial independence; when we worked with his unconscious patterns and beliefs he remembered being just a young kid in church listening to the priest talking about the evils of money, he quoted a piece of scripture that says “it’s harder for a rich man to get into heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle”.  As a child, we are open to most everything that comes into our awareness and will create beliefs if we hear or see something that comes from someone of importance or authority to us – without knowing if it is right or wrong.  

Our patterns of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs come from somewhere in our past. With NLP you can transform these old beliefs to align them with your desires. You can change your thinking, mindset, and beliefs from unresourceful to useful and resourceful beliefs that will help you to create and keep more money, wealth, and prosperity in your life, career, company, or investments.