In the workplace, and beyond you will find people who are similar to you, and also different from you. Often, we find those that are similar with we have a more natural flow of rapport with; after all, we tend to like people who are like us.  This natural rapport helps us to more easily understand someone because we have a feeling that we know where they are coming from. But, that might not always be true. This type of rapport might actually mean we are assuming or mind reading more because of our similarities.  

The NLP Communication model tells us that at every given moment, approximately 2,000,000 bits of information are coming into our unconscious awareness – yet we have only the ability to accept or compute 134 of those bits. Each of us chooses our own personally selected 134 bits in a nano-second. This filtering is conducted in mere moments by our internal filtering process. That is, your unconscious filters that store all of your memories, your beliefs, behaviours, habits, emotions, skills, competencies, dreams – and so much more than makes you the special imprint of you.  

Through a variety of NLP tools that you will gain, including rapport, sensory acuity, meta-model questioning skills, meta-model and perceptual positions, you will learn how simple it is to truly understand someone.  

There is a saying that says “you cannot not communicate” – as an NLP trained professional, you’ll be able to see what isn’t being said, hear with your five sense and really learn to better recognise and appreciate the differences that make each of us unique.