Do you like being sold to? Nope, us neither. Nor do most people. But, so many marketing and sales campaigns tend to do too much direct selling, and not enough influencing.  Marketing after all, should create a strong call to action where the sales process can begin.

Using NLP as a tool to market your services and products, you’ll be getting into the psychology of a persons mind to influence their decisions. Now, that being said – NLP can’t make someone purchase something they don’t actually desire, but if someone is looking for what you are selling, using NLP you will be more effective at marketing your wares.

Marketing using NLP includes tapping into the unconscious meta programs that runs behind the scenes of the mind. You will be appealing to their preferred representational system, speaking in different chunk sizes, identifying their buying strategy, finding if they are motivated toward benefits or consequences, seeing if they need internal or external validation, if they want something similar or different to what they’ve had in the past and many other unconscious filters.

With NLP, you’ll have an easy way to identify the psychological needs of your prospective customers to be more successful at marketing your services and products to them.