There is a saying “energy goes where your attention flows” – that is, where we put our focus is what we bring into our lives, or the Law of Attraction.  

Ultimately, the law of attraction says that we are able to influence our lives by directing our thoughts to what we want instead of what we don’t want. NLP takes this concept a few steps further with more understanding of how the unconscious mind works and also how we can sabotage those efforts by outdated programming.  

Let’s first explore the unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is said to make up 90% of the conscious/unconscious mind. The 10% of your conscious mind is responsible for thinking, analysing and reasoning. The remainder is your unconscious mind and it is responsible for everything else: the running of your body, processing of emotions, storing all of your memories, triggering all of the programs of emotion, behaviour, belief and thought that you have.  

Much like a computer, the unconscious mind simply processes information about what is going on around us and in us. It doesn’t judge, translate or decipher. It just takes in and gives out information as it was programmed to do. Largely, our programming is based on our history and is made up of the beliefs, filters, triggers, emotions and memories – both the remembered and forgotten.  

When talking about the law of attraction, the unconscious mind actually has a few key roles to play, in addition to simply processing information. It takes everything personally and literally and is unable to judge. This means, that what you say to yourself or what other people say about you, your mind will take personally. If your internal dialogue is filled with positive, powerful and purposeful statements, it will run that as the sound track of your life and colour your world with this view. If, on the other hand, the sound track you play is of fear, failure or worries – this too will cloud your view.  

But, its not just as simple as changing your language. Sure, that is a great first step, and I’m sure you’ve heard change your thinking, change your life, to a great extent, that is true – but its missing something. Sometimes the patterns that we run create sabotaging effects on our desires.  

For example, a person may have a fear of being abandoned or left behind – that fear may trump any affirmation or positive thinking about finding a long term committed relationship because it is in conflict with it.  

A person who desires starting their own business and working independently may not succeed because they have a need for security and certainty that doesn’t always align with entrepreneurship.   

Another person may be using the law of attraction to lose weight, get in shape and feel better, but if they have a pattern of not wanting to be noticed, or a belief that losing weight is hard, they will find it challenging to lose weight.  

So, with NLP, you will not only look at your desired state through a lens of the law of attraction, you will also identify any possible barriers to your success and be able to remove those barriers with a variety of techniques from NLP.   

What we think truly does affect what we believe and what we do; what we belief affects what we do and what we think; and what we do affects what we think about what we believe. NLP will help you finally align what you think, believe and do so you can truly work with the law of attraction.