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Identify and use others’ strategies

When you have the ability to watch a person’s eyes move, identify the eye pattern and follow a conversation at the same time, you will then be able to elegantly identify the unconscious strategy for how they do something.  In NLP, a strategy is our recipe or formula for how we process information for a response. We have strategies for absolutely everything in life – for how we learn, decide things, get motivated, communicate, make purchases, fall in love… everything!  And, these strategies are very unconscious to us – could you answer the question – what process does your...

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Release Trauma

The mind is an amazing machine – it has instant protection mechanisms that help to keep us safe from many things in the world, and for the most part does a great job of doing so. However, sometimes in traumatic situations, be that a fight, an accident even war, our unconscious mind has trouble separating us from the past and it seems to get stuck in a perpetual traumatic state. This is ultimately what post-traumatic stress disorder is; our mind and body emotionally stuck with an associated response to trauma, even if it isn’t happening now. In the mid...

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Change unresourceful beliefs

Have you ever wondered why you do something, or why you behave in certain way, make certain choices or why life has turned out the way it has? The question “why” is probably the most asked question in the world. We humans are instinctively curious. Would you like the answer to this why question? Here it is – You do what you do and how you do it because you have beliefs that support every decision you make. Consciously or unconsciously, you have a belief about absolutely everything. And, if you think about your unconscious mind like a servant,...

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Find out that there are many ways to do the same thing

In the late 1800’s, a gentleman named Charles Duell was the head of the US Patents department and it is understood that he tried to encourage his government to shut it down because, “everything that can be invented has been invented.”  It’s a good thing Mr. Duell didn’t have NLP skills to help him be more influential! Can you imagine that? At the turn of the century if everything that could have been made, had already been made. This, is an example of a fixed mindset – there is only one way to do something. When you learn NLP,...

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Identify what is important to others

As you were growing up and as you continued through life, aspects of certain things became important to you. In NLP, you will learn the concept of importance relates to values; and we have values about everything – how you spend your time and money, relationships, communication, falling in love, the work you do and so much more. Many of our values were learned by us at a very young age – somewhere within the Imprint Period and modelling, the stages of 0-13 years old. They are a very unconscious aspect of ourselves and were learned by observing and...

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