Whether you realise it or not you are in a constant state of creation. The simple act of changing your job, or home or travelling or shopping in a new place creates a new behaviour.  In fact the brain is constantly changing or updating itself. It’s always looking for better more beneficial efficient ways to operate. Carl Rogers called this the self -actualising tendency and what we now recognize as neuro plasticity.

But what happens when you have a behaviour that seems to be ingrained and you really want it to change, and it doesn’t?

The mere thinking about it does not create change by itself.  Often to create a new behaviour you need to build a pathway to show and tell the brain/mind how to do it.  In other words, create a new mental map in the brain and change the neuro-plasticity with conscious intention.

NLP was founded on modelling excellence and there are a number of powerful methods and modelling exercises that make a new behaviour easy and permanent. Some examples of new behaviours that can be created using NLP techniques are; being motivated, being proactive, being focused, being accepting, being yourself. Many professional athletes, sports people, public speakers, actors, singers use these tools to elevate and achieve their goals. Now anyone can learn how to do it for themselves using NLP.