You know that person that is the ‘glass is half-full type of person? She would be nice to be every now and then, wouldn’t she? Maybe not all the time, but more than the pessimistic mindset.  

Yes, mindset. Positivity is a mindset.   

In NLP, our frame of reference, or how we see our world (in NLP speak, our Model of the World) is created by our mindset. We filter what is happening in our world through a lens of our beliefs, values, and meta-programs – which are the very unconscious elements of our mindset.   

With NLP you will learn how to identify these lenses of yourself and others – and, how to change them if you want.  

Often, when we meet people who want to have more positivity in their life we find that their mindset normally does the following: they look at the problems versus the desired results, they move away from what they don’t want instead of toward what they want, they discount the good instead of collecting it, they generalize and hypothesize about what might possibly go wrong.  

Excitingly (which is already positive!), with NLP we can begin to change and reshape beliefs and these meta-programs through a variety of NLP tools. This helps to create a psychological mindset change – thus, bringing more positivity into your life!